Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me.

I’m telling you, the only way I have any inclination as to what day it is is by what people are posting on their Facebook statuses.

Turns out today is Friday and several people have long weekends ahead of them. Is it Columbus Day weekend already?


Alright, ready for Friday’s time table?

6:30 am: Roll out of bed. Literally, because the boat is rolling. Change; groggily brush teeth. Layer up because it’s cold in my bunk. Realize that I’m apparently aggressive with putting on pants because I always jam my right foot into the pant leg, which catches the cracked toenail every time. And I always have the same reaction: @!%$ Roar. Why don’t I have a bandaid on that thing? Gather supplies for watch: apple, water, plastic baggies (just in case, turns out I’m not as much of an optimist as I thought), radio, iPod, camera, sunglasses, cheddar cheese crackers, and two pieces of peanut butter toast wrapped up to go aloft.

7:00 am: I went to set up the other harness line to go aloft, but Jane said, “Hmm, that’s ok. The boats doing a little too much of this (rolls hand back and forth). I’ll just go to the pilot house.” Alright, that’s perfectly fine. Harness on, backpack on, go outside. Realize it’s pretty warm out. Strip off the outer layer of clothes — sweatpants and sweathirt — and go to the mid-level platform.

7:15 am: Jane shouts to me, “See the butterfly?” and we watch a Monarch desperately trying to find its way to Mexico from the north. The things you see out here sometimes…

7:30 am: Radio call from Bob at the helm. There are one or two whales coming up on the array.

8:00 am: Whale blow! Whale blow! 11:00 o’clock. Radio to Bob, who says, “11:00 o’clock?! I just passed through that area.” Which is true, we just had because I noticed the sun went from the east to the west of me or something like that.

9:00 am: Spent the last hour trying to catch up with the whales we had spotted, but they disappeared. If Jane and Sandy hadn’t confirmed the sightings, I’d be concerned that the Dremamine I had taken was doing a number to me. Watch time was up, however, and no one was coming out to relieve me. I climbed down anyway.

9:00 am – 1:00 pm: Changed into something lighter since I was fairly layered, put some sunscreen on, and of course, deodorant because I don’t want to be that person. Then, fruit and yogurt parfait! Oh yes! Strawberry yogurt, a sliced up banana, and some vanilla granola. Genius idea. Along with some white green tea (how is it white green tea? I don’t understand that. Does it have the properties of green tea, but lacks the color? Doesn’t that just make it white tea?). Settled in to catch up with online class postings, any homework I potentially overlooked or was distracted from, and update the blog.

Best realization? The cheesy snack crackers I had grabbed earlier to bring aloft? AHA! They’re WHALES!




1:00 pm-3:00 pm: Climbed to the mid-level where Shouping already was waiting. I learned how to spell his name correctly, finally. Shouping, not Sho-ping. He’s a very quiet dude, but I’m not sure if he’s naturally quiet or just not confident in his English. He can communicate just fine, I know what he’s saying when he talks to me. He asked me my major and I found out he has a Masters in Statistics. Pretty cool. He’s got himself a wife and kids. We didn’t talk too much while we were up there, just looked for whales. Although, the entire time we were up there, the boat wasn’t moving anywhere because the engine keeps overheating. So, we were just floating. Johnny and Matt tried to fish while I was on watch, so I watched them for awhile and listened to the click-click-clickclickclickclick-click of the fishing rod before putting my iPod on.

3:00 pm-5:00 pm: I came down and was feeling pretty exhausted. I went out to the aft deck and laid in the sun. I had planned to read, but gave right away to the sun and trying to sleep. I remember Johnny and Matt shouting at one point and I thought they had seen a whale. Ian had told them there was one in the area coming up on the array, but they obviously didn’t find it because I wasn’t woken up. I know at one point I changed to follow where the sun was going and woke up with lines all over my face from using my sweater as a pillow. I woke up just in time to go back up on the last watch of the day.

5:00 pm-7:00 pm: I was alone on watch again because Jane had gotten sick earlier and I assumed was asleep in her bunk. The boat again wasn’t moving anywhere and having just woken up, I was pretty grumpy to go back up to sit when the engine wasn’t on and we couldn’t make it to a whale if I saw one. But, you gotta suck it up sometimes and that’s what I did. Matt was still up there when I climbed up and he talked to me briefly. I have to admit, I was a little offended at his questioning of my seeing whales earlier in the morning. Again, not sure if I felt that way because I was being a super grumpasaurus overall, or not. But he had been asking me if I really saw whales, if there had been whitecaps, or if it had been hazy. I’m not crazy! There were whales this morning. I just was upset that he’d doubt my ability to spot and recognize a whale blow, but I got over it. He went down initially to find the bossman to ask if it’d be possible to go swimming before sunset, but that didn’t pan out. I watched the sunset and climbed down around 7.

7:00 pm-8:00 pm: While being on watch, I progressively started to feel worse and worse. I’ll admit it. It started in my stomach, then became more vicious and moved to my head. I was feeling really under the weather so I went and laid down for an hour.

8:00 pm-10:30pm: Started to feel better and went out to join everyone on the aft deck. Had a bowl of stew and rice that Sandy made and ended up talking to Bailey in the galley for the better part of 2 hours.

Now, I’m in bed on the verge of sleep and I really hope it comes and stays for a long time tonight. Straight through the night would be ideal.


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