But everything looks perfect from far away.

I didn’t even bother to wake up until 11 am. That’s so late. I don’t even like doing that when I’m at home, but I honestly had no reason to wake up. I obviously needed some serious sleep if I was able to do that. Probably because I had nobody down on my side of the boat to be walking around talking/making noise/letting doors slam. I was just adrift in sleep, holding on to that stuffed whale that’s still in my bed.

I went and sat outside in the sun for awhile to try and coax myself into doing some reading. Instead, I worked on a friendship bracelet that I had begun to learn how to do this summer. I was working away at it trying to remember the pattern, was so surprised to seem that it was even easier than last time, annnnd then a string snapped off. That ended my efforts pretty quickly. Cpt. Bob came outside with impeccable timing to ask if I’d be interested in going on a dingy ride. Yes, yes I definitely would.

The three of us that were left on the boat climbed down into the dingy and were off for a rousing tour of Port Fourchon from the water. It’s no better from that angle, but it allowed for some pictures to really try and explain what’s going on for miles around. After all, we’re in “The Gulf’s energy source!”. You betcha. Cpt. Bob guided us into a dock that was behind a bar/marina/gas station/lunch counter. The place just couldn’t decide what it wanted to be, so it’s a little bit of everything. We walked in and sat down, got some lunch. It was too exciting. The most entertaining part was the girl behind the counter, short, chubby blonde thing with a sweet Southern twang, freaking out about the New Orleans Saints game. Good play, bad play, she was shouting. I had my eyes on her more than the TV just so I could watch her reactions to things.

On the way back to the boat, I took these photos just so you all could better understand what I’ve been trying to tell you all along. Sometimes I find that even then, there are no words to paint as accurate of a picture as a photo can make.

We spent a good amount of time out and seeing I had such a late start to my day, it didn’t seem too long until Bailey announced he was going to cook again. Excelleeennnttt. The menu? Pasta with this crazy delicious cream sauce that had sundried tomatoes in it and he had mentioned using cream of celery soup to thicken it. I don’t know, it had an alfredo feel to it, but not the taste. It was one of those times were I try to eat in a way to avoid getting full because I just want to keep eating since it’s that good. That’s a pretty rare occurrence. Mr. Bailey, you can cook for me anytime.

About mid-way through cooking, the Wises plus Matt came strolling in. John and Sandy took off again almost immediately to go “catch the football game” somewhere over on Grand Isle. Johnny and Matt disappeared down into their bunks, so it was just myself, Bailey, and Cpt. Bob again eating together. This time around it was talk of salsa dancing and traveling while listening to salsa music.


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