Going no where fast.

What is there to say about today? We’re moving an average of 2 knots an hour. I was told that 1 nautical mile is equivalent to about 1.4 miles. Google says that 1 nautical mile is equal to 0.868976242 miles. So maybe what I was really told is that 1 mile is equal to about 1.4 nautical miles and I remembered it backwards. Either way, the point is that we’re moving no where fast.

Our port of destination is Port Fourchon, LA. According to Ian, it is the place he hates most in the world. I suppose it’s because there must be absolutely nothing to do there. And with estimates of us being docked for a week, that makes for a lot of doing nothing. Or a semester’s worth of coursework being done in a week, given that motivation stays high. At least the weather today was superb and the ocean was relatively calm, which made for the ability to walk straight around the boat.

I didn’t wake up until about 9am because I didn’t have to. That was a nice change of pace after the past couple of days that had early wake up calls. I won’t have an early one tomorrow, either. It was a slow day, overall and I don’t have much to talk about. The crew all just hang out, literally. Some hung out on the pilot house in the sun. Some on the bow reading. Some on the aft deck napping in the sun. I did a little of all three. Listened to the sails flap in the wind. Watched the boys put the jib sail out, then back in, then out, then in. There weren’t any animals to see other than a small bird that landed on the boat and stayed for about 3 hours, hopping around looking for a snack and maybe some freshwater. Had he not been so skittish, I would have helped him out.

The only major news of the day is — we’re “making a beeline to New Orleans” to quote Dr. Wise, and supposedly spending a week in the city before returning to the boat. I will absolutely not complain about that. I love New Orleans and I’ve only been there once. It just left such a good impression on me. The music scene’s amazing, the food is fantastic, and let’s not even get into how awesome Bourbon St. is. I know that Steve and Kait now have a week to play with since their leg is ending early and had been planning on at least a night in New Orleans. I was planning to go with them and the question remained how would I get back to Port Fuchon, which is about 2 hours south? Seems that problem solved itself since it sounds like Dr. Wise is working to get everybody off the boat and into New Orleans for at least a couple days. I never know what’s certain, though, because plans change with the direction of the wind. Either way, I’m excited to see Pat O’Brien again and my cousin who lives there! Plus, this crew is probably one of the most fun groups of people I’ve been around in quite awhile. All I can expect is some fantastic stories.

Surrounding us.

Oil or gas platforms around the boat.

Other than that…I counted close to 30 oil or gas platforms around me at one point today? And I woke up really sore from my work out yesterday morning. Today the workout came in the early evening, around 6. Both Matt and Sandy joined in on the bow of the boat. I’d like to note that I didn’t realize how strong my abs were. That was a nice surprise.

I finished some online coursework, including that Arrange Something project.

Online art course.

"Arrange Something" project.

And tonight while we were sailing through, Captain Bob came down and let some of us know to come outside and look at all the oil/gas rigs lite up. When you get too close to them, they emit a really loud beeping noise. There were so many beeping tonight that it was almost as though they were singing a late night song to us. It was actually kind of cool.

I guess we’re expected to dock some time early in the morning. I’m anxious to have more to write about than that we all sat around in the sun all day.


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